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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver digital solutions that will “inspire and enable consumers worldwide to travel with a purpose and share their journeys easily”. After 18 years of hard work in global hospitality service, travel publishing, and destination branding, we have seen what motivates leisure and business travelers today: a unique destination snapshot of their personal story that they can share.

In a world with global competition, instant access, endless choices, and social amplification, travel brands today rise and fall quickly, based on their successful or unsuccessful promise to deliver this story to their core audience. We call it the Digital Age Of Superior Experiences, in which only a unique, relevant, authentic, and visual connection will result in absolute brand affinity.

Via the latest trends in digital, social, and mobile technology, we work with our clients in destination development, followed by authentic brand storytelling and publishing, to build direct relationships with their core audiences.

Finding the Entrepreneurial “Hot Spot”

Any brand today can become a global player; you might not see it, but we do. We look from the outside but build from the inside, in order to find your unique “Hot Spot” in the travel industry. Our diverse team is skilled in tourism entrepreneurship and knowledgeable about what makes an ideal tourist experience. We love to travel anywhere and are passionate about serving our clients. We promise to always put clients and their stakeholders first, and we’ll only work with you if we’re sure we can make a difference for you.



Florian Herrmann
Founder, CEO

Originally from Germany, Florian came to the United States with one suitcase and one mission: finding the American Dream. Where is it? What is it? He defines the American dream by three things: walking with your eyes open, being thankful for the people you meet along the way, and refusing to settle for the average.

While studying tourism management in Italy, he learned that superior travel experiences are all about a connection to our five senses – how we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the world around us. It is through his skills, energy, and passion for building those experiences for others that Florian has become a leader in creating innovative marketing and branding concepts for the world’s largest industry – travel.

In the United States, he gained most of his initial success by inspiring audiences and connecting travelers with dream vacations. Together with the team of the award-winning trip planning model YellowstonePark.com, he connected millions of domestic and international travelers to businesses and destinations in the Rocky Mountains. Today, he continues to be passionate about the “Power of Travel” and works to build tourism from the bottom up while empowering local stakeholders.

Florian holds a Master’s in Business and Sustainable Destination Management from George Washington University and is currently involved with tourism projects around the world.

Mary Herrmann

Co-Founder, COO

Mary is passionate about travel experiences that go the extra mile – no pun intended. Having grown up in the heart of America’s first national park, Yellowstone, in the Rocky Mountains, she has since traveled to almost all of the states and several countries in the world, including France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and China. Such adventures have given her the chance to witness many unique tourist experiences, and to discover how visitor perceptions of destinations alter throughout the years.

Mary loves the outdoors and can often be found backpacking, rafting, and canyoneering. Our resident outdoor photography and film expert, she currently helps clients during the strategy and design process, so that they’ll find the right visuals to authentically connect a destination with its ideal visitors. Mary also works in the company’s organization, management, human resources, operations, and accounting departments.

Patricia Pupek

International Tourism Marketing

Patricia has always had a truly international spirit, having traveled since her early childhood and having studied, lived and worked in various countries since 2005. Throughout these years, she has gained a trilingual BSc in Tourism Management at the University of Bolzano (Italy), an MSc in Tourism Marketing at the University of Surrey (UK) and a global portfolio (i.a. in Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and England) of varying experiences within the areas of 

communication, education, culture, business, travel, hospitality and marketing.

In 2013, she started her own business offering language related services, amongst others in the area of marketing, continuously succeeding to support her clients in striving towards the best results. Based on all this, she is convinced that only by applying a holistic view, challenges can be successfully overcome and great results achieved.

Layla Griffin

Account Manager

Layla has recently joined our team to serve our clients from a results-oriented point of view. She supervises all ongoing projects for accuracy and delivery on time. With her experience in customer service and relationship management, she is a tremendous asset and support to our global team. Her customer service experience from Fremont Toyota is invaluable for the highest customer satisfaction among all our clients.

Layla was born and raised in Wyoming, near Yellowstone National Park. She spends most of her time in the Wind River mountains with her family and her two rescue dogs. Usually you can find her hiking, fishing, or just exploring the countryside. Traveling is a dream of hers and she hopes to eventually see all National Parks and travel the many wonders of the world. 

Erika Land

Content Strategist

Erika is quite the outdoor enthusiast, dog lover and a digital nomad who spends most of her time in the American West. As a girl growing up in Colorado she is most passionate about road tripping America and backpacking Europe.

In her role as a social media strategist she helps our clients coming up with visual content ideas and stories that will perform best via social media.

She has become a dedicated tourism ambassador having studied it at the Colorado State University. Her favorite part of the work is to capture random authentic travel moments and is not hesitant traveling the extra miles in South America, Europe but also throughout rural America.

We are thrilled to have Erika helping us connecting multiple generations with our tourism communities via social media.

Emily Taylor

Editor & Photo Journalist

Emily is an ardent traveler and outdoorswoman, always crafting her next adventure. She is an avid outdoor photographer, nature lover and has perfected capturing unique stories. Her background in publishing, marketing and storytelling helps us to identify our client’s specific needs such as finding a destination’s unique brand identity

and connecting it with the right audience.

Her thirst for crafting experiences has led her around the globe and deep into the American West. We are excited to have Emily’s skillset helping our clients set new standards in inspirational stories.

Kyle Duba


Kyle is a video producer based in Lander, Wyoming. With over 10 years experience in production Kyle is adept at promotional, documentary, and event-style work. As an avid lover of the outdoors Kyle gravitates toward documenting

the beauty of the west and the many ways in which people engage with the landscape. When not holding a camera he can usually be found climbing and exploring in Wyoming’s vast mountains and canyons.

Our 5-Step approach for delivering a superior brand experience

Working with our clients, we apply a process that leads to a successful tourism brand experience for your audience.

1) Think globally, but act locally.
In today’s world, everyone can choose (or not choose) to be a global player in tourism, even with limited resources. The secret sauce lies in tourism entrepreneurship and the act of empowering visionary local stakeholders. You don’t have to build a multi-million-dollar attraction to drive visitors. Often, you just have to take a few local steps to build a massive tourism impact. We work collaboratively with different segments in the travel vertical for a balanced “glocal” development in tourism planning & marketing. Think globally for your potential, but act locally to provide visitors with a superior experience. You don’t want to be someone else, so focus on your local assets.

3) Tourism = The People’s Partnership Industry
We work in the leading experience industry that relies on the performance and engagement of individual stakeholders. During our strategic planning process, we try to meet with as many stakeholders as possible first, in order to develop a unique brand integrity that can deliver brand equity for everyone. Whether the visitor center staff, front desk receptionist, the cashier at the grocery store, or the local police, EVERYONE is critical in creating a successful visitor experience! Everyone can make or break a destination brand. Working with all stakeholders together is often the most challenging task that requires courage, leadership, education, and innovation.

5) Let your core customer tell your story.
We fully embrace the new era of marketing where consumers won’t just become customers, but turn into brand advocates who tell your story. In a world inundated with advertisements, we rely on influencers and ambassadors that will endorse and amplify your brand, utilizing visual storytelling. This is especially important in the travel vertical, where the travel audience enters a “dream stage” when starting a vacation trip. In the Digital Age of Superior Experiences, mobile, social, and international trends have become even more important for your marketing and branding efforts. We work with our clients to develop both a pre-vacation and in-vacation marketing strategy, in order to promote the maximum opportunity to share your customer’s story.

2) Look at your peak from the bottom.
Successful brands started small with an idea that evolved and grew, and we operate within this model. Our strategy includes a sustainable bottom-up approach that evaluates tourism as a local resource-based experience, considering economic, cultural, and environmental factors that lead to the maximum potential for developing a superior visitor experience. We truly believe that community-based tourism can only be successful when there are enough long-term incentives to “leak” into the community, so all stakeholders can benefit from an invisible service export.

4) Driven by purpose, your brand message is fully integrated and amplified.
We will lead you into the new era of travel & leisure marketing, where the purpose of travel has shifted beyond recreation, leisure, business, and lifestyle toward personalized contribution. Consumers today engage with destination brands that are not just nice, convenient, or beautiful, but especially meaningful – brands that can answer why someone would choose to travel there. Your destination should deliver integrity, authenticity, superior experiences, and memories that become part of a digital, social, and global sharing journey.

What Clients Say


The film crew at HMS Global was a pleasure to work with. They efficiently made use of the short amount of time they had in Helena and in return produced a beautiful video in an influencer style that will speak volumes to our target mountain biking audience.

Heidi O'Brien

Visit Helena


Herrmann Global provided Visit El Paso with fast, reliable and professional service.  Their team is creative, talented, and committed to creating top quality work.  It was a pleasure working with them and we look forward to developing more content with them in the future.

Leesy McCorgary | Digital Marketing Manager

Destination El Paso


Colorado Parks and Wildlife enjoyed partnering with Travel on Global to film and produce 360 videos for seven of Colorado's state parks. Their team: coached us through utilizing the new technology; beautifully scripted each parks story; delivered professional videos on-time; and showcased authentic user experiences which is what we had hoped for.

Debbie Lininger | Marketing Coordinator

Creative Services and Marketing